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"Don't you agree?"

Bethany's gaze snapped to the older member of her congregation who stood in front of her, obviously waiting for an answer. "I'm sorry?"

The elderly man blinked. "I said we might be getting some snow earlier than usual this year."

"Ya, maybe so." Bethany smiled and nodded, then turned to the next person in line, the man's wife. "Gude mariye, Fannie."

"It's a schee day for a wedding," Fannie said.

Bethany's mouth dried when Micah finally approached her. She looked up at him towering over her, and felt as if her heart might beat out of her chest as she held her hand out to him. "Gude mariye, Micah."

"Hi, Bethany." He took her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. She enjoyed the feel of his cool skin against hers, and a shiver of pleasure trilled along her spine. Oh, how she hoped he couldn't see how his touch affected her, sending her nerves jangling to life.

"How are you today?" She prayed her voice wasn't too perky.

Micah pulled his hand back and nodded. "Gut, gut.'"'

She grasped for something—anything else—to say. "It's awfully cold out there, isn't it?"

Micah glanced at his grandfather. "We were just discussing how the temperature dropped last night."

"Ya, it sure did." Enos reached over and shook her hand. Although the wrinkles on his face told he was close to his mid-eighties, the sparkle in his brown eyes was a clue to his youthful spirit.

Bethany opened her mouth to say something more to Micah, but he had already moved on to greeting Salina and Will.

"I look forward to having your kaffi on Saturday," Enos told Bethany. "It's the highlight of my week."

"Danki." And Micah's visit to my booth is the highlight of mine.

Enos moved along, and Bethany swallowed a sigh. If only she could figure out how to get to know Micah better. Though friendly, their short Saturday-morning chats weren't enough to forge a relationship.

With Enos and Micah gone, the line of greeters dissipated for a moment. Salina leaned over to Bethany. "Gern gschehne," she whispered.

Bethany felt her brow furrow. "What do you mean, you're welcome?"

"I invited Micah and Enos to the wedding."

Bethany blinked at her. "Why?"

Salina gave a knowing smile. "Because I'm tired of watching you flirt with Micah on Saturdays in your booth and not ever getting further than that. You never have time to talk to him at church services, so I thought maybe you'd have a better opportunity today."

Bethany stared at Salina and her cousin laughed.

"Did you think we all hadn't noticed how you act with Micah?" Salina leaned closer. "We'd love to see you date again. It's been a long time, and he would be a great match for you."

Before Bethany could respond, another line of guests came in the door, bringing with them a blast of cold air. As Bethany greeted the visitors, her mind swirled with what Salina had told her. Was there a possibility that she and Micah could be more than acquaintances?

She shook her head. For years she'd witnessed men in the community asking her cousins out on dates while they walked past Bethany. Most men found her to be cute and silly. They didn't take her seriously or see her as someone with whom they'd share a meaningful relationship.

A few minutes before eight o'clock, Salina leaned over to Bethany. "It's time for Will and me to meet with mei dat and the ministers," she whispered, her voice quavering.

Bethany gave her hand a gentle squeeze. "Everything will be fine." She walked with Salina and Will to the family room. When she glanced out the window, she spotted members of their community filing into the barn where the service would be held.

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